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5-24-2020 SP 500 Index weekly chart updates

Call today 702-685-0772 https://freestocktrend.com/free-t… SP 500 hits 2980 resistance levels moving higher the week ended without buyers to push the index higher the leadership stocks hit major resistance levels in there up trends on weekly charts now setting up to move into the resistance levels that means stocks will come down off their highs that […]

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6-6-2020 TTD Bull Market Top high 360 falls to 351 360 Put Options Paying

Call today 702-685-0772 https://freestocktrend.com/free-t… TTD DAILY WEEKLY CHART UPDATES: TTD Options Market Maker Updates bull market top the highs on Friday 6-5-20 Options expiration Friday drove TTD to intraday highs at 360 the 360 put Options at the lowest price to entry build out the 360 and 370 puts the intraday high reversal started at […]

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